25 Foot Rolls Of Textile Screenprinting Accent Foils

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Textile foils make a great accent to anything it is applied to. This foil does NOT have an adhesive already applied to it. You will have to apply a heat transfer adhesive, such as SISER Easy Weed adhesive or a Screenprinting adhesive for this foil to adhere. 

This foil is 1 step in a 2 step process!

It does NOT have an adhesive already applied to it.

This is foil, NOT a VINYL and you must use either the Siser Easy Weed adhesive or an screen printing adhesive.


Note about temperature: Foil does not need temperature to work. Foil will transfer cold to packaging tape because the tape is tacky. The adhesive needs the temperature and time to become tacky. Check with your adhesive manufacturer for proper settings. However too much heat can damage the foil color and release capabilities. Avoid high heat. 

Application video below.