2" x 72" Racing Rally Stripe Decal

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These 2" x 72" Racing Rally Stripe Decals are professional quality, Hi Performance sign, and automotive vinyl.

Indoor / Outdoor Applications:  Vehicles, Windows, Signs, Banners, Walls, Plastic, Painted Wood, and much more.

OVER ALL SIZE IS 2 Inches Wide

These decals are each cut to order and with high demand at this time, may take up to 5 business days (M-F) to get them cut and packed for shipping

Therefore there are no returns after this has shipped.

Vinyl is IN STOCK, professional grade, USA made 6 + year exterior Vinyl material. These stripes have a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive backing.


Decal SIZES LISTED ARE FOR OVERALL WIDTH only. This includes the 2, 1/4" gaps and the 2, 1/4" stripes on both sides.

This adds 1" to overall width. So with the 1" center, it's actually 2" wide.

All stripes come with a medium tack application/transfer tape already applied to help with the ease of installation that you install.

These are not printed decals, they are a solid color opaque decal. There is no background to the decal. It is a solid color stripe. 

Peel off the backing paper, apply decal to the properly prepared surface with the final stage of removing the app/transfer tape.

Do not use a cleaner with any ammonia!

As always, trimming may or will be required depending on the vehicle they are applied to.

These stripes are great for any outdoor application on cars, trucks, boats, glass

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